by An Empty City

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An Empty City's debut album.
35% recorded on Malboro and cynicism.
55% recorded on solar and kombucha.
10% Muhammad and Gracie


released January 1, 2017

Big love to Muhammad Malik from Hiatus Records, Indonesia.
Shout out to Starcluster Music, China.



all rights reserved


An Empty City Changsha, China

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Track Name: Reign
Running through my dreams
You footsteps making sweet tremors
Resonance to drown the cries
Will you ever leave from my mind
Your smile behind my eyes
A blanket for the darkened soul that
You left on the edge of your fingers

And I thought
Love would hide my sins and
Cover me up
Closed blinds to hide the man you feared
Now I let the pain
and all it takes to
reign over you and me
Across an ocean
on lines so broken
You beg for what I bleed so well
How dare you wish for arms
That never truly held you

Your cries are hollow
Your fear is meek
Your cries are hollow
And I am dead to you

In a perfect life
I would've believed every word that left my lips
Poor words chosen in blackened times
Should've sewn my heart's mouth shut
Drowning in chaos and tepid lights
How we dance in littered streets
What does it mean to think of anything
When past pages are a lie?

It's all a lie

We loved as sinners
But died as lovers
They all knew that there was no escape for us
No escape
But I'd live it again just to see you break

I'd live it all again just to see you break with me
And I'd hold you in my arms just to wither away in the end

In the end
The end of it all
Wither away in my arms
Let the pain reign over again

At the end
At the end of it all
Wither away with me
Wither away
Track Name: Panda Eyes
We're all lost

Broken one
How your name's been laying on the tip of my tongue
In the dark of my mind
On your back like carrion
Waiting for the vultures
And the morn to calm
With the heart and the harm

Dressed in doubt
Leave naked in the mind

My hands on your everdead dreams
Watch your eyes dance at the strings that pull you under.

And in the end
We're all lost

Bring the light
Sweet blindness, I won't let you down
Standing in their glances living like a coward
I know that there is an end
And even with your heart I beg
Just let me know that I can find
A siren call for bitter ends

Let it ring
Stare you down
Screams as whispers
Dead in love
A silent rain

I know that there is an end
But I will stay in better days
Bury me under
Forget my name
Remember what it's like to want
Your everdead dreams
Let love keep you safe
Stay low in the end
In the wounds we leave
I am alive
But dead in your eyes
Track Name: Still Life
Are you there
Or am I screaming at a ghost
Am I dead
Or dead-living in this cold world
Is there time for me to give
Or only seconds left
To bury me

Blame it all on me
Cos I can't stand the thought of you falling
Dine on wander
Bed on lust
Make me your fool again
But leave me with my name

Oh, Lord of Poisoned Memory
How I regret it all
Mother Swallow
Sweet Mother Swallow
How I beg to go home


Static Life
You know it's touch but you're not alone
But still, even after all, you're laid bare and left to wander
Static Life
You know it's chill (you praise our sin)
And even then you live like a ghost

Are you there?
Or am I begging at nothing?
Are you there?
Are you dead?
Track Name: Gutter Inc.
I am on this night 
And I ain't slowing down 
Giving into everything 
Is not as sweet as it sounds 

Dancing in colours 
What you name blind, I name it better 
Dancing in colours 
Come find me in the gutter tonight 

Come find me in the night 
Come find me in the night 

Pinch, prick, sin 
Take a hit to forget 
Dead cold weight 
In the depths of it 
You lay alone 

But not this time 

You're deep in unknown 
Though you hide in the corners, I wait in the background 
Let the curtain fall 
See the hell 
It's been there all along 

Track Name: Glare
I’m always there

I’m always there
There with you
Through the darkness
I am always there with you
I am always there

Now and forever

In your darkest hour
I gave you life, I gave you light
But still you let me die that day
And in our sweetest failures
We held on tight, we held on tight
But still I watched you fade away

And if I knew back then what I know right now
I would’ve burned the bridge I built
But I’ll be the better man and take my bow
To walk away and find my soul
And if I knew back then what I know right now
Would I have these demons in my head
On and on I crawl on blind
But this is not the end

This is not the end

Bury me
Deep in your thoughts
Bury me
So your dreams I may haunt

Bury me
Deep in your heart
Bury me
In the glare I am yours

I will always be there
I will always be there with you
And I know this is the hardest part
Track Name: No Captain
Resting in the sun
Warped wood above these troubled waters
I lay waiting for the dusk
And let the coming night chill my bones
Drown out thoughts of troubled homes
Ahead of sails, my arms stretched out
Onto the heavens

And I won’t hold back
Hold back from sinking you
I won’t hold back
And now I’m drowning with sirens

In the waves we dance and turn to face the depths
Their weight crushes me and I’m breathless in the end
Though I sink forevermore into the swells
My ocean floor is not of dark
It is my home

It is my home
and I won’t waste a fucking second
I will roll the tides and sink you down with me
And I won’t hold back
In sinking you with pain
And in the waste
Drowning with the sirens

And I won’t hold back
Just let them come and chill my bones
And I, No I won’t hold back

We are sinking ever under

Learn, feel the waves
We face the depths
Can you the feel weight?

Though I sink into forevermore
The weight crushes me
I am breathless in the end
The ocean floor is not of dark
It’s of home
And I dance in the depth
Track Name: Sweet Narka Pt. I
Sitting on the end of my mind
Thinking back to days
When you were everything
and ever part of me

Call me hopeless
Name me a fool
Paint me broken
But know I still hold onto you

Sixteen days
I walked past spaces
Burning with your ghost
Their hands of ether
Reaching out
Still searching for my shame

And it’s sixteen days
of catching myself
Falling out reason
In these fields I lie
Of the hell I sowed
Thinking of the day when I lost you

I am gone
Don’t make me beg
Just crucify me
I am lost
Don’t wonder what I am
Don’t yearn for what is left
Sweet Narka
Track Name: Darshan Nights
Lay your head and close your eyes
Rest on the bedrock and listen
Cold as silence these words we dine on

I’m not everglow

We are taken on winds in temper
To and fro
In a void of blackened air
Across a world with no anchor
We carve an image of hopelessness
Carried forth and carried far
Ash scattered (just scattered)
Endless cold
I fucking wish [it] was made of stone

I lay like bricks (in the dead of night)
I lie content (in the ice of life)

Hopelessness carry me in a wind beneath my colourless shades, alone
Just tastes it breath and its cold
I fucking wish [it] was made of stone

Close your eyes
We’re all false gods in the sheets

be on your way
Track Name: Sweet Narka Pt. II
Why do you hide like a coward?
So in shadows you can pull me in
What’s the fucking difference now
There’s nothing left for you to feed on
So starve with the rest

Don’t preach of better days
or I will show you the threadbare

Time is just a bitch with a rope
And I would rather let her strangle my hours than waste them with you

We are the children of empty souls
Fucking lifeless from the day we were born
We are the children of vapid shadows
Fucking heartless

Mendacious weeper
Your cries heart’s heresy
Sweet subtle sinner
This heart is yours no more

Run, you coward
Track Name: The Bitter Slow
Let the sickness sink in
Deeper and deeper
Into a violent slumber
Let the past hide your sins
Cheat angels in taking a festered heart

Let the sickness sink in
Stronger and stronger
Till you lose your grip
Let the past hide your sins
and drown out the bitter slow of death

You’re a fool to think
You’re a fool to think you’ll make it out alive
Cos we are all
Cos we are all
Dead men walking yet never moving

Do you know your sins?
There is no hiding out this time
Oh, wanderer
Do you know where you have been?
That boy from the hill you know
has got nowhere else to go

I’ve been a fool
I’ve been a fool
To fight the bitter slow

On the otherside of pain
I know I’ll find, I’ll find my own in this
And even though you burned your name in the back of my head
I’m still moving forward
I’m moving on

Till we mourn
I hope you know I lived your pain
I made it out to the otherside
Still waiting to see your face
Till we mourn
Do you know I feel your pain?
But I’m still waiting here
Shamed and broken
Longing to know if you’re still okay.