An Empty City

by An Empty City

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released December 3, 2016



all rights reserved


An Empty City Changsha, China

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Track Name: Cold
How many times did you run to the hills
To conceal your sins behind the mist
You try and hide
But sometimes things shine bright
When they're kept in the dark.

You left me waiting
Shivers and smoke were blinding me
All I could do was clinch at a father's last breath
Why wait?
Just end the man, now.
It's not like his world has never done it, before...

So crow your eyes old ones.
Your lonely lips pressed on lonely tumblers.
Keep your hearts on ice
And your eyes wide shut.

To be the son who never turned his back.
Still singing on the edge of highways.
You left me here to give us comfort.
Just come back home and share our pain.

Why wait?
Just tell me why wait?

I'm still waiting to tell you (waiting)
I'm still waiting to tell you that I'm not alone.
Track Name: Backlash
Throw a suit on,
Waking in the ice,
to waste my breath for bread.
Imma trim the fat
And cut you off
Watch your soul weep and starve.

Tongues that whip like vipers
Poison veiled in lines and lines
Your mind's all cracked and dried (cracked and dried)
False prophets, you're a waking cadaver
Just lying and basking in shades
Basking in shades.

Just colour me a fool, just colour.
(I'm not you)
Just colour me, colour me a fool.

Let the wives weep at the father who suffers.
On silver and copper (silver and copper)
Addiction and lovers he'll loathe them.

Just fucking starve
A home built on crumbs.
Just kicked to the ground.

Using stained paper as a gauge.
We're all kicked to the ground from the days we burn.

If it were, if it were the only way to keep warm (to keep warm)
I would stay here forever
So rest, rest on the ashes
The past won't give you anything

The past won't give...
Track Name: Ukufa
We're all fucking cowards
We shine in bitterness
To keep our hollow hearts
Wishing for an end
How we love to keep warm
In our empty words
I would rather just sit in silence
Than lie awake with your hands around my neck
Let the still-souls just whisper 'good night'.

Said I'm out of words to say
But apathy tastes just like heaven
When we pull the wool
And hide our sins
Only to preach a sermon which misses the point.

Who can hate the man
Who stokes the fires of truth
Who burns by the flames
And lives, and lives by the light.

Stand cold in silence
We just love to keep warm in our words
Stand cold in silence
An honest liar never calls for home

Rescind, rebuild
This ain't the world I was born in (I was born in)
Rescind, rebuild
This is not my home.

I'm just making excuses
How can I pen pain against my fellow man?

Stoke the fires.
Track Name: Scarab
We were safely on our way
Minds set, but never prepared
Hurting to describe the day
when you gave into fear

Why did I
put so much in?
Just for my shadows,
my shadows to take over.
I'm not holding onto it.
You gave me blood and life.
For that,
For that,
I owe you everything
(Oh, home)

All seconds that we've lost,
to hold ourselves to the pain.
I walked alone in my mind,
the pain of knowing,
the time when we
cut ourselves from him...

I would've given everything,
to live in better days (the wish of a hopeless boy)
and in the end
we say goodbye
after all that's said and done.

Rest easy
Remember when you
Gave into fear
Reast easy
Remember the day
Remember the day
Track Name: Ghost
Living in an
Empty City
Thrive on beauty
Beneath the heart we wallow
With our names walking on our palms (walking on our palms)
While we seek ways
To starve the mind
and feed the ego (feed the ego)

(Starve the mind)
Let's all drown in our own dark ways
(Starve the mind)
You're gonna fucking drown
You're gonna fucking drown
Just a ghost in the flash
Blinded yet walking
(Where did we lose our way?)

Crushed in our own names
And cut by our mirrors
In a world
That's more dead
Than your footsteps